Why Are My Gutter Guards Causing…

Why Are My Gutter Guards Causing…

Gutter guards can be a real help if you find yourself cleaning your gutters more than twice a year or are constantly fighting downspout clogs. They are not meant to relieve you from ever having to clean your gutters. There is NO product as of date that can do that ( unless you do not have gutters which in this area of Virginia is not a good thing).

Gutter guards are meant to help you cut back the time you spend cleaning out of your gutters and prevent clogs from occurring. There are many different styles and types of gutter guards out there today. We’re not trying to sell you the most expensive products out there but products that we trust and are a good fit for your home. Some homes need a screen mesh, some are just fine with your run of the mill drop in guards. Every home and gutter system is unique, but we’re here to debunk or explain some cons of the gutter guard system.

Gutter guard installation can be expensive. They can cost anywhere from $700 to several thousand dollars.

This is going to depend on what type of system you are looking at. Several thousand seems a bit high for the types of guards we carry but it can get up into the thousands. The bigger your home the more it’s going to cost. Get an estimate, you’ll be surprised with the costs.

They are not 100% foolproof. Gutter guards still need occasional cleaning.

Like we’ve stated before, gutter guards are not meant to never clean your gutters. Wet leaves and other debris can stick to anything. Some gutter guards are designed to allow a smoother surface for debris to slide off but a few stragglers will be left behind.  Some gutter guards can only keep out larger debris like leaves, sticks and more out of your gutters. Dirt, shingle grit and more can still find it’s way in.


This gutter had a gutter guard on it and that is shingle grit that has gathered over the span of a couple years.

If you ever lean a ladder against your gutters (when cleaning them or hanging Christmas lights, for example), the gutter guards will become dented. This will lessen their effectiveness from that point forward.

First of all, try to never lean your ladder against your gutter unless you have a stand off attachment. This can damage your gutters if you put too much pressure on them so of course it can damage your gutter guards. One small dent shouldn’t effect your gutter guards ability to work properly. If you notice a lot of damage your gutter guard, you may need to have that section replaced ( make sure your gutter is okay around that area too!) Here is a great guide to proper ladder use from ThisOldHouse.

The additional weight of gutter guards could cause your gutters to sag in the center.

If gutter guards are causing your gutters to sag in the center, the problem isn’t the extra weight. It’s probably going to be an issue with your gutter hangers or your fascia boards. Check your hangers/screws to see if they need tightened or check your fascia to see if the boards need to be replaced. Gutter guards should not cause your gutters to sag. They are not that heavy.

If you happen to have a steep roof or valleys (where downward-sloping sections of roof meet and water runoff is heavy), the water can overshoot the gutter guard itself.

This is true but it will happen gutter guard or not. Sometimes divertors will need to be installed to help direct the water where it needs to go.  We’ve had homeowners with and without gutter guards call about this problem.

Tree seeds can get caught in the gutter guard slots and sprout. Forming gutter trees — and some types of tree seeds grow rather quickly!

This is true. Depending on how long you let your gutters go uncleaned, it can happen! We suggest that even with gutter guards you will need to clean your gutters at least once a year. This can also depend on the type of gutter guard you have. Our mastershield gutter guard system keeps out the smallest debris ( as small as shingle grit!). So if you really want to clean your gutter only once a year, it might be your best bet.

Why Are My Gutter Guards Causing...

This K-Guard system has some plants growing out of it.

For a free estimate on gutter cleaning, repairs or adding gutter guards, call us today! Our experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and ensure that your home is protected.

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