What Causes Icicles On Gutters?

What Causes Icicles On Gutters?

What Causes Icicles On Gutters? This is a question that is often asked when you see them on your roof-line. After a big snowstorm, the snow that remains on your roof (because of the temperature and slope) will start to slowly melt and then it refreeze into icicles.

What Causes Icicles On Gutters?

Icicles caused by many different reasons:

  • inadequate insulation
  • house air leakage into from the attic through thermal bypasses
  • improper house ventilation

Icicles influenced by the structure of the house, weather conditions, and the color of your roof.  If you have an older home, it’s important to keep your insulation and ventilation up to date.

Ways to reduce the chances of bad icicles and ice dams is by proper air sealing around your roof-line and attic, high levels of insulation, and adequate ventilation in your home. You can also have a roof rake to rake large amounts of snow off of your roof.

If you already have ice dams and icicles on your roof then there isn’t too much you can do.

DO NOT try and remove the icicles by chipping away at them. It’s a hazard to both your roof and gutters not to mention if they fall the could damage something on the way down. Plus it’s not safe to be chipping on top of a ladder. What you can do to reduce the ice dam on your roof is using a melt sock. To learn more about raking snow and snow melting , we have a post that sets out the pros and cons of each method.

If your roof or gutters are damaged by the stress of snow and icicles, please give a professional (like Gutters & Guards,Inc ) a call and we’ll be happy to help you get your roof and gutters back into working order.

For a free estimate on gutter cleaning, repairs or adding gutter guards, call us today! Gutter s& Guards experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and ensure that your home is protected.

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