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What Is Soffit?

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What is soffit? Soffit is the elegant, functional paneling that covers your eaves, overhangs, dormers and more. It is an affordable solution for keeping airflow controlled on the exterior on your home. Also providing protection against damages. Experts agree that the most effective system is a balance of air intake and exhaust. It creates a uniform flow of air through the attic.  Supplying a uniform air flow along the entire underside of the roof deck. It’s a important part of keeping your home in balance. So it will not be exposed to weather or pests that think living in your rafters and attic will be nice.  If your home does not have soffit it is susceptible to  mold buildup, rotting beams, moisture and pests (like mice, birds and bees!).  Also soffit helps your home breathe.  Air flow through your entire home is extremely important and soffit helps you give your home the right amount!   There are a few different types of soffit that you can install in your home. Vented soffit allows ample airflow. This air can flow through the vents to provide regular air circulation to your attic. Air flow is tremendously important for your entire home. You can achieve proper air flow while limiting the moisture that can enter through the vents. If you’re not sure about the look of vented soffit there is also soffit we use called hidden vent.  This has the look of solid soffit but there are hidden holes which still allow airflow to go through your home, giving the same amount without the look of vented soffit. Finally there is solid soffit. It can be used. Install vents to make sure your home is getting proper air circulation through the attic or you can install a vented panel every so often to assure air flow.  If not you are setting yourself up for more problems than it needs to be.  If you have solid soffit with not vents it is equivalent to your home sweating in the summer months and all that moisture will cause you problems.  Not to mention it will kill your energy bill.  And it wouldn’t be just the summer months that would cause moisture build up.  Winter with all of its snow and water flow over your roof and gutters will eventually lead to rotting and/or mold on your rafters and sheathing which is much pricier that installing vents.   It receives the proper amount of airflow to keep it running smoothly.  If your home does not have eaves and you are unsure about what you should do please contact a qualified contractor or builder (Like Gutters & Guards, Inc.) to see what alternative solutions you can do.   For a free estimate on gutter cleaning, repairs or adding gutter guards, call us today! Gutters & Guards experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and ensure that your home is protected. Connect with us for daily inspiration, updates and information: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

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