Spring Home Maintenance Ideas

Spring Home Maintenance Ideas

Spring is just around the corner and that means lots of yard and home improvement work to be done. Here are just a few ideas of where to start or to help you start your improvement list now.

Spring Forward

Daylight Savings Time is March 8, 2015. Remember this means that you will set your clock ahead one hour at 2am on Sunday, or if you plan on being in bed before that time (which most of us will be) change it on Saturday Night before heading to bed.

Water Hose Check

Winter can be tough on your exterior faucets. Check your outside faucets for freeze damage by placing your thumb against the opening and if you can stop the flow of water, you may need to repair or replace a pipe. Also if you did not store your garden hose this winter, it may be best to look out for dry rot.

Spring Home Maintenance Ideas

Change/Check Vents, Filters and Batteries

Spring is the perfect time to do a routine check-up of all the vents, filters and batteries in and around your home. It may be a good time to start a tradition of checking these small projects. Don’t forget to check the base of your water heater for signs of leaking as well.

Clean And Inspect Gutters

Spring is one of those times that gutter cleaning is important ( Fall is the second). Clean out all the nasty winter debris from your gutters that could lead to clogged gutters and other issues. While cleaning out your gutters check for loose gutters and leaks. These two problems will lead to improper drainage and along with downspouts that are NOT draining away from the home it can lead to pricing repairs.  Please call a professional, such as Gutters & Guards, Inc. It’s also never too late to think about investing in a Gutter Leaf Guard system for your home. It will help keep your gutters and downspouts from clogging and make cleaning out your gutters much easier.

Spring Home Maintenance Ideas

Before Gutter Leaf Guards

Spring Home Maintenance Ideas

After Gutter Leaf Guards


Inspect Your Roof

If you are cleaning your gutters or from the ground, inspect your roof.  If you know that it won’t be long for a replacement roof, start collecting estimates and budget to replace it. Cracked, buckled, loose or  missing granules shingles replaced. Don’t forget to look at all of the accessories such as vents, flashing and other areas where hardware could be in need of replacing or repairing. Please hire a professional to replace your roof. It will be a lot quicker, and safer for you.

For a free estimate on gutter installation, repairs or gutter leaf guards, call us today! Gutters & Guards experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and make sure that your home is protected.

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