Gutter Maintenance Tip #34 – Rust Spot Removal

Rust Spot Removal

Gutter maintenance does require climbing up to your gutters. Not only to make sure that they are free of debris. Inspect your gutter to ensure no damages have occurred. If you notice a maintenance issue such as rust, holes, or a leaky joint.

rust spot removal

Try to DIY or hire a professional to take care of it for you. Choose to DIY, please make sure to follow all ladder safety rules and never put yourself a dangerous situation just to save a few dollars. If you find minor rust damage you can easily scrub it away with a wire brush.

If the rust has gone on for too long it can create holes. A trickier fix. Though aluminum gutters do not rust they are easier to puncture than a steel gutter. Ask a professional about which course of action would be best for treating the hole.


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