10 Quick Tips About Gutter Guards

Quick tips about gutter guards

Quick tips about gutter guards.  Gutter Guards are sometimes the extra helping hand that you need to prevent your gutters from clogging up and helping them last longer.   There are a few quick tips that we wanted to share about gutter guards.

10 Quick Tips About Gutter Guards:

1.  Gutter Guards prevent clogging and constant cleaning.  Not to be installed and forgotten.

2. They make it easier to clean because only a small amount of debris will collect on top of the gutter guard making it very easy when it comes to the bi-yearly cleaning time.

3.  Gutter guards can be expensive but you have to think of it as an investment.  It saves you time and a lot of money if you’re constantly having to clean out your gutters and downspouts.

4.  Gutter Guards prevent pests from living in your gutters.

5. Gutter guards are versatile. Used on any type of system with a wide variety of color choices that can be matched to your gutters for a seamless look.

6. If installed improperly, gutter guards weight can cause a sag in the middle of your gutters.  Make sure to hire a professional to avoid voiding the warranty.

7.  If you harvest your rain, it helps keep the water clean and free of debris.

8.  Be careful about leaning ladders against your gutter with gutter guards installed, it can cause the gutter guards to bend. Voiding your warranty.

9. If you happen to have a steep roof or valleys (where downward-sloping sections of roof meet and water runoff is heavy), the water can overshoot the gutter guard itself.

10. Heated gutter guards are available to keep your ice dams and snow from building up on your roof, if you live in a climate that receives a lot of snow.

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