Preparing Your Gutters For Icy Winter Storms

Preparing Your Gutters For Icy Winter Storms

Gutter maintenance is never as important as it is in the winter. So preparing your gutters for icy winter storms is an important task to tackle before the first snow/winter storm of the year. For some of us it’s already too late but for the Lynchburg area we still have time.

Make Sure To Clean All Debris From Your Gutters And Downspouts

Preparing Your Gutters For Icy Winter Storms

This is important for preventing ice dams on your home and keeping ice from forming on your gutters. It pretty much happens like this. If your gutters are full of debris and other large materials this will allow water to stand and collect in your gutters. When the weather gets cold the water will freeze causing build up and ice dams. So during the slow thaw the water will continue to melt and freeze allowing for other debris & water to roll right over your gutters and onto the ground and this is where it becomes dangerous to your foundation.

Inspect All Seams And Anchors/Spikes

When snow sets on your roof it can be a real strain on your gutters. If you live in an area where you received heavy amounts of snow.Look into a snow rake to rake snow off of your roof because this can be very strainful to your home. If not then just make sure your gutters anchors/spikes are in good shape. Will be able to handle a little extra this winter.

Check Downspouts And Diverter

Preparing Your Gutters For Icy Winter Storms

Check your downspouts and diverters for any clogs or leaks.






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