The More You Know: Half Round Gutters

Half Round gutters have a classic and timeless look when it comes to gutters.

They are one of the more historical types of gutters because it is possible that they were one of the first types to be used.  It’s mostly because when gutters were starting to be added onto homes half-round gutters are essentially cut in half pipes. Just bend a plate of aluminum over a cylinder or cut a hollowed out tree stem and you have a half-round gutter.   They are a more common type of gutter that you see in places like Europe and historical parts of towns because it is what they used at that time.   In America, you’re more likely to see the K-Style of gutter.

Some of the advantages of having a half-round gutter is the smoothness make it a smaller chance for corrosion.

There is no place for water to accumulate like on the ledges of K-Style gutters. They also allow the the debris to flow more freely, instead of getting caught on sides, to the downspouts.   Like expected half-rounds are easier to clean.Half Round Gutter

Some of the disadvantages of half-round gutters are as expected more expensive, not only due to their reduced availability in the marketplace. They require special threaded rods and hanger brackets to put them up.

It’s also a heavier material because the shape requires more materials to hold it up.  Probably the most important downfall is that it holds less water. If you live in a area that has a heavier amount of waterfall, this would not be the gutter for you.

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