Gutter Maintenance Tip #21 – Fix Detached Downspout

Fix Detached Downspout

Downspouts are almost as important as the gutter itself. Downspouts lead water away from your homes’ foundation so it’s vitally important for all downspouts to be in working order. Even a properly installed gutter system will not function unless all downspouts are in working order. Inspect your downspout system at the same time you inspecting and repairing your gutters. Clogging usually will typically occur at the point where the downspout connects to the gutter or at an elbow.

Fix Detached Downspout


If you find that a downspout has fallen off or has became crushed, you should repair it immediately. You can add or replace a piece of downspout by crimping the end of the aluminum with a pair of pliers to allow the pieces to fit together. If you are not sure what size downspouts you have, it’s best to ask a professional and it might be easier to have them do the job for you, especially if you are replacing a entire piece of downspout. If your downspout fell off and is not damaged beyond fixing you can re-attach it. Again if you do not have the proper tools, please call a professional.

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