Common Gutter Installation Mistakes

When gutters are being installed on your home there are a lot of mistakes that can happen if you or the person installing them are not sure of how to correctly installing them.

Gutter Installation Mistakes

Choosing the wrong type of gutter.

Choose the most durable material you can afford, and talk with your contractor or hardware store about roof shingle size and what width of gutter is right for your house. A good thing to look into is the average amount of rain that your area receives in a year.  If it is a smaller amount then you have a few more options with the 1/2 round gutters. Also choosing a gutter that works with holding snow is important too.

Incorrectly calculating the pitch.

Gutters actually have a slight pitch that allows water to flow towards the downspouts, generally one to two inches of decline for every forty feet of length. It’s very gradual and not noticeable, but it helps sweep away debris and keeps your gutters clean, and allows water to flow to the downspouts without overwhelming them, thus backing up the system. This could take a few different tries at getting it at the perfect pitch, depending on the home. If you get it professionally done, some place offer to come and fix the pitch until it’s correct for no charge ( we do!).

Improperly spacing mounting or hanging system.

The spacers help hold the gutters up and it is very important to install them 3 ft or closer together.  Evenly as well.  Without the right support your gutters will sag, which leads to water and debris collecting in the lower points and eventually your gutters will fall off your home.  Costing you a lot more than you originally wanted to pay.

Improperly locating the gutter.

It’s commonly thought that the gutters are directly located directly on the edge of the roof. But in reality, your gutters need to be a few inches under the edge of your roof. Why? Physics. If you put a paper towel on a drop of water, the water will be sucked into the fibers (a phenomenon called capillary action). Your roof does the same thing. Water will drip off the very edge of your roof, but also be pulled back up on the underside, and drip out a few inches underneath your roof’s edge as well.

Using too many seams vs. seamless.

We’ve went into the advantages of having seamless gutters before and the benefits that come with them.  Installing gutters with seams can come with much more maintenance than seamless gutters.

Damaging during installation.

If you’re hanging aluminum gutters, you have to be extra careful during the installation process. All it takes is one hard blow from an errant ladder or a long fall to the ground from a roof and they can be bent or dented. Then you may have to replace the section altogether.

Injuries during installation.

Everybody feels safe and secure while they’re up on a ladder — until they’re not. Tends of thousands of people visit emergency rooms each year because of injuries sustained by falling off a ladder. So work with a helper, make sure your ladder is on solid ground, and never lean out too far while on the ladder.  If you feel uncomfortable altogether with being up on a ladder then just leave it to the professionals.  This could lead to less money spent if you have an accident from falling off a ladder.

For a free estimate on gutter cleaning, repairs or adding gutter guards, call us today! Our experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and ensure that your home is protected.

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