Gutter Cleaning Schedule After Labor Day

Labor day marks the beginning of fall

This calls for many home preparation projects to begin and with them calling for an early and brutal winter, it may be in your homes best interest to start some of these tasks earlier than normal. According to the long range weather forecast it’s calling for snow as early as October. So gutter maintenance should be the highest priority when it comes to prepping your home for this winter. A little gutter cleaning schedule to do after labor day is what we’ve provided to help you thought the fall season.

Early Fall

gutter cleaning schedule

Check your gutters to make sure summer didn’t do too much harm. Checking for cracks, rust spots, and leaks is the first place to start in case they need to be repaired or replaced by a professional. If they’re looking great just make sure they can handle the leaves and other debris that will slowly start to fall. Additionally, check that they’re secure and able to support a load of rain, snow and/or ice.  And while you’re on the ladder – be careful!  This is also a perfect time to install gutter guards. It makes for an easier late fall gutter cleaning and if you plan on hiring a gutter professional ( which we suggest because some guards view DIY installation as voiding the warranty) it will be before they get slammed by gutter cleaning season.

Late Fall

gutter cleaning schedule

Once the leaves are almost all off the trees it’s time to strike. Hire a professional cleaning service or DIY just make sure that those gutters are winter ready.  To find out the absolute perfect time check out’s handy fall foliage map that let’s you know if your area is past peak fall foliage. This is the perfect time to clean your gutters.

For a free estimate on gutter cleaning, repairs or adding gutter guards, call us today! Our experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and ensure that your home is protected.

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