Gutter And Gutter Guard Myths

Deciding whether gutter guards is right for your home is an hard decision. There are some gutter and gutter guard myths that we are going to explore.

Gutter And Gutter Guard Myths


Myth #1 : Cleaning Your Gutters is Always Hard – Best Left to the Professionals

It truly depends.If you are busy and the extra time to clean your gutters isn’t there, or you have health problems that make it a struggle or if your simply not comfortable on a ladder. Hire a professional.  If you have the time, ability and the willingness to climb up the ladder and clean those gutters, it won’t be a hard task.  The internet has opened up a whole can of worms in learning how to DIY, but if there is any hesitation at all, Do not put yourself in a position where the possibility of getting injured is there.  It’s better to spend  a little extra money than getting injured and spending a whole lot more.

Myth #2 : Gutters Do Not Need Maintenance

Gutters are one of the most important parts of the exterior of your home.  Next to the roof. it protects your home’s foundation and helps your home last longer by keeps in the water away from it.  Gutters do need to be maintained in order to keep them working like they should.  If you neglect them it lets leaves and other debris settle causing clogging,and pests to happen.  Also if they fill up it allows them to fall off your home damaging whatever is in its path ( like siding or even a window).   So it is very important to keep a steady maintenance on your gutters.  Professionals suggests to clean out your gutters at least twice a year (fall and spring) but that also depends on where you live and how many trees are near your home.

Myth #3 : Gutter Covers/ Guards are Unnecessary/Ineffective

Most homeowners see gutter guards as an unnecessary product that distributors try to sell you.  Well that isn’t always the case.  Gutters guards are an investment for the right home.  If you’re constantly having to clean out your gutters and it’s becoming a pain in the neck, then gutter guards are the way to go.  It prevents the majority of debris and leaves from collecting in your gutters.

Some homeowners believe that gutter toppers aren’t effective in keeping the drain system from any debris. However, this is obviously not true because gutter toppers are equipped with mesh covers that prevent even small debris from entering the gutter.

Myth #4 : Gutter Guards/ Gutter Covers Will Eliminate the Need To Clean Your Gutters

This is one of the biggest misconceptions, gutter guards keep all the clogging debris from collecting in your gutters. Clean off the top of the gutters occasionally. Depending on the area you live in. Clogging and digging in your gutters IS eliminated. If you are considering installing a gutter guard, research is a necessity.  Every brand of gutter guard is different. Finding the type that is perfect for your home is important.  We have a helpful guide to finding the right one for your home.

For more information about gutters and gutter guards or for a free estimate on gutter cleaning, repairs or adding gutter guards, call us today! Gutters & Guards experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and ensure that your home is protected.

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