5 Ways To Dress Up Your Gutters – Gutter Accessories

Gutter Accessories and Your Gutters.

Gutters are a small but important part of your home and sometimes it seems like they are the most boring part as well.  There are ways to spruce up your gutters and downspouts to help them go with the style of your home.

5. Rain Chains

We’ve dedicated a whole blog to rain chains before and how cool and relaxing they can make your home.  It is NOT for a home that sees lots of rain, but if your home gets and average or small amount of rain fall every year it could be a nice addition.

4. Conductor Heads

This gives the downspouts a little extra time to drain in a downpour or consolidate runoff from multiple gutters.  There are types for both half-round and K-Style downspouts. Most are quite lovely.

3. Downspout Bracket

Gutter Accessories







These pieces of downspouts to the home securing the downspouts against wind, and theft.  There are a lot of different varieties to choose from so no matter what the style of your home is, you can find something appealing.

2. Decorative Boot

Gutter Accessories


Fitted to the bottom of a downspouts, boots provide a classy or fun exit point for water. There are so many variations to this, from cute to classy to funny. The possibilities are endless.


1. Fascia Bracket.

Gutter Accessories





There’s no stronger way of supporting a gutter, or more graceful ornamentation that a solid bracket.  The best gutters to use this on are the half-round gutters because there is more bracket showing.  Plus the curve is easier to decorate with.


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