Fall Gutter Debris

Fall Gutter Debris Headaches

Fall Gutter Debris can be a real headache when it comes to cleaning your gutters. There are a few different problems you can run into when it comes to fall gutter debris. Below is a list and some ways to help you prevent clogs.

Leaves In Gutter

This is what more gutters run into and it’s the easiest clean out of your gutter but if they’re wet they can be a pain. If there are a lot of leaves in your gutters you need to make sure you have a big enough bag to hold all of them.

Fall Gutter Debris

This is what can happen if shingle granules gather in your gutters for a year

Shingle Granules

When your shingle loose their granules and it gets stuck in your gutters. If you let it go for too long it can become a real mess. It’s also pretty difficult to get out of your gutters. In the photo above we had a customer whose gutter guards do not protect from shingle granules and his hired gutter cleaning service never cleaned under the gutter guards. We helped him out but it was a tough job. Make sure that the company you hire knows what their doing and is actually doing what they are telling you.

Pine Needles

Pine needles are a big pain like shingle granules. Most gutter guards do not protect your gutters from pine needles and it can cause clogged gutters as well.

Pine Cones

Pine cones not too hard to clean out of your gutters. If stuck in your downspouts it can be a nuisance to get unclogged.


Other fall debris that can cause clogged gutters and damages. Things such as bird nests, bee hives and dirt from the spring and summer months. This can cause clogs but can be pretty easy to remove unless your bee hives are still inhabited by the bees. That could be a problem.

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