Downspout Conductor Head

Downspout Conductor Head

Downspout Conductor Head. Downspouts are an important part of the gutter system equation.

Downspout Conductor Head (also called leader heads, scupper boxes, or rain heads) capture the water runoff from roofs where the volume does not allow a full gutter and funnels it into downspouts that take the water to the ground.  This will collect a large amount of water. The size of the box will allow much more water to pass through than just the regular set up.

Downspout Conductor Heads work similar to the way that placing your finger at the top to of a straw, creating suction. When  you remove your finger it allows the water to slowly flow freely. No more vacuum means water flows freely! No more overflows and no more gurgling sound.

Downspout Conductor Head

Which is somewhat Mediterranean — and with mountain rustic styles and log homes. If you have copper gutters this will complete the look.


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