4th Of July Safety Tips

We have a few 4th of July safety tips on fireworks to keep your 4th going smoothly and safely.

The 4th of July is a time for family fun and cookouts.  It’s a time that safety needs to be important.  Here are a few 4th of July Safety tips to keep in mind.

4th of july safety tips

For more information about grill safety, please visit Rempfer Construction’s previous post about Grills & Siding to learn more about the dangers of keeping your grill too close to your siding.

Links For Above

* Extinguishing Fires Properly – http://www.smokeybear.com/put-out-campfire.asp

* Are fireworks legal in your area? – http://blog.usa.gov/post/54109217133/are-fireworks-legal-in-your-state

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