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New Year Gutter Resolutions

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New Year Gutter Resolutions Bent and/or disconnected gutters & downspouts can not only make your home look bad but it can allow water to drain where it shouldn’t, such as underneath your shingles or into windows. It’s important to clean your gutters at least twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall). This will ensure that your gutters are working best when they need to, and it keeps your home in working order. Gutters sealed in places they tend to leak. Such seams with a clear caulk. Consider investing in a gutter guards for the new year. Gutter guards not only keep debris from accumulating in your debris. They can prevent clogging from happening and cut the time you spend cleaning gutters in half. Check fascia boards condition. Replaced as needed. It doesn’t do any good to replace your gutters if your fascia boards are in bad shape. For a free estimate on gutter replacement, repairs or adding gutter guards, call us today! Gutters & Guards experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and ensure that your home is protected. Connect with us for daily inspiration, updates and information: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

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Different Styles Of Vinyl Soffits

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different styles of vinyl soffits There are a few different types of vinyl soffits that can be used on your home. The type you use can also depend on the amount of ventilation your roof needs, while keeping water out of your home. Vinyl is a less expensive alternative that is just as durable as wood and can sometimes provide better insulation.                 Triple 2″ Soffit The 2″ soffit comes in two different styles solid & hiddenvent in a matte finish. There are a few colors to choose from such as: Royal Colors:                                       Certainteed Colors: Beige                                                   Sterling Gray Linen                                                   Sandstone Beige Sand                                                    Desert Tan Sterling                                               Natural Clay White                                                Heritage Cream Wicker                                              Snow Colonial White Pebble Clay* *premium color Royal’s 2″ triple soffit is a beaded panel which has a middle that separates each panel and the vents are hidden. Triple 3″ ( 3 1/3″) Soffit The 3″ (or 3 1/3″ for Certainteed) Soffit comes in solid and hiddenvent as well. It comes in a matte finish and many colors to choose from such as: Royal Colors:                                  Certainteed Colors: Beige                                             Charcoal Gray Linen                                             Granite Gray Sand                                              Sterling Vintage Cream                               Seagrass White                                            Cypress Wicker                                          Herringbone Pebble Clay*                                  Sandstone Beige Musket Brown**                              Desert Tan *premium color                              Natural Clay **dark color                                   Savannah Wicker ——————————————————————-Light Maple ——————————————————————-Heritage Cream ——————————————————————-Snow ——————————————————————-Colonial White                                           Triple 4″ Soffit Triple 4″ Soffit comes in a variety of styles such as solid, fully vented ( perforated or basket weave), and center vented (perforated or basket weave). It comes in a matte finish and many colors to choose from such as: Solid Colors Royal:                                                     Certainteed: Beige                                                      Musket Brown Soft Maple                                              Autumn Red Flagstone                                               Terra Cotta Driftwood                                              Mountain Cedar Harvard Slate                                        Sable Brown Linen                                                   Hearthstone Sand                                                    Suede Sterling                                               Spruce Vintage Cream                                    Forest White                                                Ivy Green Wicker                                                Pacific Blue Victorian Gray*                                    Flagstone Walnut*                                               Charcoal Gray Pebble Clay* […]

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Happy Holidays 2014 !

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